Ref: PLAS62 Euro Attached Lid Container - 62 Litres (600 X 400 X 365mm) Black and Red Recycled

Attached Lid Container with Hinged Lid (62 Litre Capacity)
Plastic Container with Hinged Lids (Euro Standard) - Large 62 Litre CapacityAlligator Box with Crocodile Teeth Hinged LidsBlack and Red Attached Lid Container Crates

Large capacity (62 Litre) plastic crates with hinged lids. Designed to maximise security and service life in manual or automated storage and distribution systems. 

Product Details: (Measurements = LxWxH)

  • External dimensions: 600 x 400 x 365mm
  • Internal dimensions : 512 x 345 x 338mm
  • Incremental nesting height: 108mm
  • Capacity: 62 Litres
  • Weight: 3.1 Kg
  • Colour: Black base and red lid
  • Material: Recycled Polypropylene base, virgin Polypropylene lids
  • Rounded and reinforced corners
  • Rigid, robust and practical
  • Alignment position for banding straps
  • Moisture dams alongside connecting surfaces
  • Label areas and pimpled areas for easy removal of self adhesive labels
  • Recessed strap areas on long and short sides
  • Guide channels for loop seals and cable ties
  • Easy to carry and lift with ergonomic handles
  • Tamper resistant hinged lids
  • Max. containers per stack: 6
  • Max. stacked load (per container) including container: 18 Kg
  • Max. load on bottom container: 90 Kg
  • Clear plastic label holders available (takes up to 2 holders, 1 at each end), Ref:PLAS40/52/62/Label
  • Dolly available: 
  • Coloured, food grade = Ref: ROTO64D
    Black, low cost, non-food grade = Ref: ROTO64D/BLACKREC
  • Tamper evident seals available Ref: KSeal
  • Available in black only (base and lid) Ref: PLAS62 Black/Black
  • Larger 80 Litre crate available, see Ref: LC3/Plastor (Black/Red)

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