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Our plastic containers, plastic crates and plastic storage boxes explained
Below we have tried to help you with your choice of plastic container by explaining some of the terminology you may find on our site. Please do not hesitate in contacting us for any assistance.

Food Grade Containers
Food grade containers are food safe and suitable for storing ingredients, raw produce, groceries, bakery and other catering products. Our collection includes a huge range of food grade catering containers,
bale arm crates, grocery trays, plastic bread baskets, tanks, bins, ingredient dispensers and more. We also supply a huge range of bar bottle skips and food grade plastic mobile containers with wheels.

Euro Containers
Plastic Euro Containers are simply boxes and crates that are conveniently designed to fit on Standard European Size 1200 x 800mm and 800 x 600mm wooden and
plastic pallets, as well as standard GKN 1200 x 1000mm pallets.

Plastic Crates and Stacking & Nesting Containers
Plastic crates offer space saving designs which stack on each other and nest inside by either tapered design, rotating containers through 180 degrees, or by using Bale Arms (plastic or metal bars that swing into place to allow stacking). Nesting containers are ideal for transporting or storing the plastic containers when not in use. Some containers in the range stack without nesting and some nest without stacking and are identified within their product descriptions.

Picking Containers and Bins
Picking containers, Linbins (small parts picking bins) and plastic storage bins allow for easy access, generally from an open side entrance. Most of our picking storage bins can be wall-mounted (hanging), free standing or mobile with the use of louvre panels - louvre panels are available in many configurations.

Electro-conductive Containers
Plastic antistatic containers are also known as electro-conductive containers and protect electrical products and components from electrostatic discharge.

Ventilated Plastic Containers
Ventilated containers are manufactured with a series of perforated holes or slots to allow air to circulate around the contents of the containers. Usually used with perishable goods and food where temperature control is required. Available in stacking and nesting designs. Slotted containers and plastic trays also allow contents to be viewed.

Recycled Plastic Crates, Plastic Storage Containers and Plastic Boxes
Plastic crates made from recycled / regenerated plastic. Th
ese plastic crates are strong and robust containers and made from reprocessed or re-granulated High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Polypropylene (PP) plastic. Recycled plastics are generally not food grade.

Plastic Storage Boxes and Containers
Moving premises, office or house? Then check out our huge range of attached lid containers and boxes (totes). Our attached lid containers make perfect storage boxes and storage containers and will protect your items much more than cardboard boxes. We can even supply you with tamper evident seals for most of our range.

What is Materials Handling Equipment?
Materials Handling Equipment is commonly used to move, protect, control and store products, materials and goods. Common items include pallet trucks, sack trucks, access steps, Grit Bins and dollies.

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