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Plastic Lockers

Plastic lockers are a practical and cost effective solution for the personal storage of clothes, belongings and valuables. Plastor's range of Ultrabox Lockers and Extreme Lockers are heavy duty and designed to withstand the most challenging of environments, which includes outdoors and wet areas (see product descriptions for details).

Plastic lockers can commonly be found in many locations, for kids at schools to employees at work. They are also a very popular choice in wet and damp areas such as gymnasium and swimming pool changing rooms. Many hospitals also choose plastic lockers due to their hygienic properties as they are easy to clean, mould resistant and have anti-bacterial properties. It is also very simple to wash plastic lockers, better still, they will withstand the use of a power hose. Being plastic, the lockers will not rust, corrode or even dent.

Our Ultrabox Plus range is waterproof (weatherproof) and is suitable for outdoors. This range of lockers have internal waterproof seals around each door and will withstand the most challenging of environments. Positioning lockers outside is a great idea as it saves a lot of indoor space.

Plastic lockers also provide that much needed security, this is achieved in many ways. The hinges are heavy duty and concealed (Ultrabox ranges), a variety of strong lock options (cam locks, hasp locks, combination locks, coin operated locks) are available and being hard to dent, it is near impossible to manipulate the locker structure (unlike steel/metal lockers).

Plastic lockers offer huge benefits to your environment, please check out the different ranges of plastic lockers above, and if you require any assistance please contact a member of our team and we'll be more than happy to help you.