Loadhog Pallet Lid (UK, EURO or HALF EURO Sizes)

Loadhog Pallet Lid

Eliminate stretch wrap and banding from your supply chain.

Millions of man hours and millions of pounds are spent year on year by securing loads to pallets using stretch wrap or banding, until now.

The Loadhog pallet lid secures boxed product (cardboard or plastic) to pallets within seconds. This eliminates around 2-3 minutes of labour time, the cost of purchasing stretch wrap or banding, and the time associated with removing unwanted stretch wrap once used. Furthermore the Loadhog Lid enables the opportunity to double stack pallets on a vehicle which in turn will potentially increase vehicle fill by up to 50%.

Available in UK (GKN), Euro and Half Euro pallet sizes**.


  • UK (GKN) Lid: 1200 x 1000mm**
  • Euro Lid: 1200 x 800mm**
  • Half Euro Lid: 800 x 600mm**
  • Straps: The UK (GKN) and Euro sized lids come with either 2 or 4 straps. 2 straps is generally more than sufficient, however should you be concerned regarding an uneven or heavy load then 4 staps may be a better option for extra support.
  • Double stackable (with wooden and plastic pallets)
  • Built-in retractable hooked straps
  • Hand holes for easy handling
  • Increased load stability - reducing product spillage and damage
  • Elimination of waste (eliminates plastic wrapping materials)
  • Ratchet system
  • Lids stack securely when not in use

**Although this lid is compatible with most plastic pallets, it is strongly advised that we identify your plastic pallets to ensure they are suitable, please contact us for further advice. Please also let us know if you intend to use with plastic or wooden pallets to determine the type of hook you require.

Please select the Loadhog Lid size you require.
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